Asalamu alaikum,

Following the cancellation of the EIC trustee election, the election commission was charge with the responsibility of leading a consultation process for the selection of the new trustees. To that end, the election commission will henceforth be known as the Shura Commission. “Shura” in simple terms means consultation. The Shura process is the preferred method of selecting leaders in Islam. Alhamdulillah, the challenges the community has faced in this regard has led us to a method that is closer to the Sunnah.

As discussed in the last community gathering, we will be requesting input from the entire community to inform a robust criteria for selecting our trustees. We have broadly divided the selection criteria into sub headings to cover all relevant areas. We welcome suggestions of points to be considered under each subject area.

(‘They’ refers to the nominees for trustees)


  • Must they be resident in Ely
  • How far away from the city must they reside
  • Does working in Ely count as resident
  • How long do they have to have lived in Ely or does the length of residence not matter
  • They must have legal rights to reside in the UK.


  • What experience is relevant
  • Do they have to have held leadership positions before
  • Do they have to be a professional or working in business
  • Do they have need to have an academic qualifications if yes, what level


  • Can they have a criminal record even if has been spent. How long ago does this need to be.
  • Is a DBS Check required
  • Are they known to be currently involved in unethical business or work practices
  • Have they been previously removed from the position of trustees in EIC or any other charity
  • Are they currently subject to any criminal or disciplinary investigation


  • Do we allow self-nominations 
  • How many nominations can each person make  have before they can be considered
  • Should there be a minimum number of nominations that perspective trustee must have before they can be considered
  • Can people canvass for nominations 
  • Should choice of nominations be confidential 
  • Should there be any family restrictions in terms of nominations and final selection 

The above list is not exhaustive, we welcome suggestions of other areas to consider. We have structured the points in form of questions to get us thinking about the sort of robust discussion and involvement we want from the community.

We are opening a 4 week consultation period to receive suggestions from the community on the above criteria starting from Monday 20th December 2021 until Friday 21st January 2022. Please group your suggestions under the key areas identified and include areas of your own not already outlined. This will aid our compilation and analysis. You are welcome to send in your suggestions via mobile (WhatsApp) or Email 

The suggestions and recommendations from the community will be analysed and a comprehensive document outlining the criteria for nominations of trustees will be published. Subsequently, we will ask members of the community to put forward their nominations for trustees based on this document. The timeline for the publishing of the document and the commencement of nominations will be communicated in due course. 

A copy of this consultation document will be shared on our social media platforms as well as the EIC Website. Please share with other members of the community within your networks who might not be on these platform. 

We thank you all for the patience you have shown in giving us the time to start this process. We pray that Allah grants us the wisdom and strength to discharge this very important duty to our community. 

Jazakallahu Khairan 

Shura Commission


Assalamu alaikum all,

Please be aware of the important notices below:

  • Fiday prayers Khutbah start at 12:45 with Salah at 13:15
  • With the new Omicron Covid variant please see the advice below when attending the masjid
  • Please see the homepage for up to date prayer times and guidance
  • Finally, being December parking will be filled quickly, come early for prayers and please be curteous to the neighbours and do not park on double yellow lines.

JazakAllah khairan


Advice regarding the new Omicron variant.

Assalamu alaikum all,

With the new Omicron COVID-19 variant we need to keep our community safe and may Allah protect us all

Please see EIC guidance below when attending the masjid:

  1. Please do not come to the masjid if;
  2. You feel unwell, have fever, cough, loss of sense of smell or taste;
  3. You have been in contact with a COVID positive person, unless isolated as per track and trace advice;
  4. You have recently travelled abroad, unless quarantined as advised;
  5. Wash/Sanitize your hands regularly when attending the masjid;
  6. All must wear a mask when attending any prayers at the masjid (it will cost £0.50 to buy one);
  7. To social distance as per layout of the prayer mats;
  8. Avoid hugging and shaking hands;
  9. Due to limited space on Fridays, no children under 11 for now;
  10. All to bring your own prayer mats;
  11. Do wudu and toileting at home. Toilets will be closed unless for emergency;
  12. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated;
  13. See websites below for up to date advice; and
  14. Do not forget to read Surah Alkahf on Fridays and send praises to the Prophet (SAW).

Showing our appreciation for the NHS through the provision of free meals to local front-line staff

With the rising rates of Covid-19, the introduction of new strains and the roll-out of the vaccine there is overwhelming pressure on the NHS and front-line staff.

We wanted to show the Ely Muslim Communities appreciation for all the hard work, dedication and sacrifices that the NHS has made during the pandemic. As such, we have been providing free meals to local NHS teams.

We started on 10 February 2021 with both the MIU and Welney Ward at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely. Alhamdullilah these have been well received so far with the management team at the MIU stating:

“The MIU team are very grateful to receive this very kind donation of food from the Islamic Centre on behalf of the Muslim Community. It was a lovely gesture from them. Thank you” – Clinical and Operations Manager, Minor Injuries Unit

We have also received positive press in the local media through an article with the Ely Standard:

In Sha Allah we will continue to support our local health and social care teams by providing further meals in the coming weeks. 

Quick Important Reminders

Assalamu alaikum all,

1. Please *book you place on EIC website or Facebook for Jumca/Friday prayers* .

2. *For ALL prayers Everyone one should scan there NHS COVID-19 APP at the entrance* to help with contact tracing,

3. *Do Wudu and toileting at home* there will be No toilet/wudu facility

4. *Bring your own ; Face covering (it will cost £0.50 to buy one), prayer mat, shoe bag, phone for Quran.* 

5. *Always keep 2 meter social distance and follow volunteer advice* on sitting and leaving arrangement. 

6. *No Handshakes, mingling or hugs and No sharing food or drinks* – you can bring your own water and umbrella

7. *Please ensure your prayer space is cleaned as per volunteer advice and sanitize hands after on leaving* 

8. *And a reminder to read surah Al Kahf on Fridays* 

JazakAllah Khairan