*Quick important reminders* *for Ely Islamic Centre Friday prayers*

1. *Prebook on Eventbrite link before coming, only those booked at there allocated time will be let in.*

 *Booking is sent by Wednesday and closes at 12 pm on Friday*

Also *get the NHS COVID-19 APP* to help with contact tracing


2. *Do Wudu and toileting at home* there will be *No toilet/wudu facility*

3. *Bring your own; Face covering (it will cost £0.50 to buy one), prayer mat, shoe bag,* phone for Quran.

4. *Always keep 2 meter social distance and follow volunteer advice on sitting and leaving* arrangement.

5. *No Handshakes or hugs and No sharing food or drinks*

*you can bring your own water and umbrella*

6.There will be *contactless card or cash for charity donation* please donate generously as the cost of running the masjid has gone up with the pandemic.

7. And *don’t forget to read Suratul Alkahf and make dua* for our community and the whole ummah.