Welcome to Ely Islamic Centre

EIC is a centre for the muslim community living in and around Ely to do their worship and community activities. It is also a place for the wider Ely community to encourage better interfaith and inter community work leading to better integration and cohesion.

Prayer Time

Due to current pandemic, opening of the Masjid might be affected.

Registration for first Jumah prayer

Registration for Second Jumah prayer

Please come promptly as the prayers will start on time.

Quick important reminders for Ely Islamic Centre Friday prayers

  • Prebook on Eventbrite link before coming, only those booked at there allocated time will be let in. Booking closes at 12 pm
  • Do Wudu and toileting at home there will be No toilet/wudu facility
  • Bring your own; Face covering (it will cost £0.50 to buy one from EIC), prayer mat, shoe bag, phone for Quran.
  • Always keep 2 meter social distance and follow volunteer advice on sitting and leaving arrangement.
  • No Handshakes or hugs and No sharing food or drinks you can bring your own water and umbrella
  • There will be contactless card or cash for charity donation
  • And don’t forget to read Suratul Alkahf and make dua for our community and the whole ummah.

Jazakallahu Khair !

Burial services

The City of Ely Council has allocated burial places for the local Muslim community at the City of Ely Cemetry. However currently we do not have facilities to prepare the deceased for burial, this can be accessed at Cambridge Central Mosque for now.


We have regular community activity including; Ramadan and Eid events, Social gatherings, Open days for the wider community.